BREAKING Harris County Democrats Vote to Bring Legal Action over Audit

The Democrat party in Harris County Commissioners Court continues to prove guilt by once again fighting against the upcoming Election audits. The D majority voted down party lines to bring forth legal actions towards the Texas Secretary of State over the County being chosen in the randomized audit process.

Pursuant to 551.071 Government Code, for request for authorization of potential legal action regarding the Secretary of State’s selection of Harris County for the randomized audit of its elections pursuant to Section 127.351(a) of the Texas Election Code

It really is becoming more and more telling their continued fight against audits and election transparency in Harris County. This time, Commissioner Rodney Ellis has asked that the County Attorney, Christian Menefee to contact the DOJ in order to “audit the Texas SOS audit of Harris County” citing his distrust in our states SOS audit process.

The partisan County Attorney Christian Menefee has implied that the randomized audit process was rigged, and cited various excuses:

  • That there was no press release concerning the upcoming audits.

  • That no one knows what counties were listed on the strips of paper in the bucket

  • There wasn’t enough “bipartisan viewers in the room when the counties were picked”

  • Citing that the audits are going to cost the county “money”

Link to video: CLICK HERE

Commissioner Tom Ramsey voted against bringing forth legal action against the Secretary of State stating, "If there was ever a county that needs auditing, it's Harris County. When you look at the problems we've had in our last elections under the previous elections administrator, it's a very, very long list and very disconcerting to voters out there..."

I reached out to the Texas Secretary of State for comment, and Sam Taylor responded,

“The suggestion that Harris County – or any other county – was deliberately chosen for a randomized election audit is completely false. Unfortunately, this is a counterfactual, delusional conspiracy theory that some officials in Harris County have chosen to perpetuate.”

Funny how the Democrats have all of a sudden become the “conspiracy theorist” here, no?

Regarding the Democrats claims that the audits are going to cost the County money, that claim is factually incorrect. The only cost which could come to the county is employee hours participating with the States employees regarding said audit.

If anything the lawsuit which the Democrats planned to bring forth towards the Secretary of State will cost the County and City money.