Breaking: Houston's Dr. Hotez Implicated in Wuhan Institute of Virology Research

Dr. Peter Hotez, or the newly minted, “Bowtie Goblin” inventor of the COVID Corbevax vaccine purportedly supported Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology via a NIAD grant. Yesterday, molecular biologist Richard Ebright tweeted out “Peter Hotez.. who has denounced a congressional investigation into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan Institute of Virology gain-of-function work" Critic of probe into gain-of-function research helped fund Wuhan gain-of-function” citing an article written by Emily Kopp linking a grant Hotez applied for and received which read:

The 2002-2003 pandemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) posed an enormous threat to global public health and the social and economic stability. Its causative pathogen, the SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV), has been classified by NIAID as a Category C Priority Pathogen. SARS outbreaks remain a serious concern mainly due to possible zoonotic reintroduction of SARS-CoV into humans, accidental release from a laboratory or deliberate spreading of the virus by a bioterrorist attack. Therefore, an effective and safe vaccine is urgently needed for preventing future SARS outbreaks and for biodefense preparedness. We have identified a highly promising lead candidate vaccine antigen, the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the SARS- CoV spike (S) protein that contains the major neutralizing epitopes and can induce potent neutralizing antibody response and protection in animals against SARS-CoV infection. To rapidly translate our initial proof of concept findings into a solid platform of clinical trials, a consortium of experts was put together consisting of scientists from Baylor College Medicine, the new home of Sabin Vaccine Institute's product development partnership (BCM-Sabin), the New York Blood Center (NYBC) and the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), and in partnership with industrial partners and non-profit organizations. The specific aims of this application are: (1) Expression, purification and pre-clinical characterization of the recombinant RBD (rRBD) protein as a vaccine candidate.

Below is a screenshot of NIAD Grant.

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According to Hotez, the grants money “dried up” or possibly the real reason the research halted was due to the dangerous nature of the studies back in 2017.

“I had made the pitch to anyone who would listen. After years of research, my team of scientists in Texas had helped develop a vaccine to protect against a deadly strain of coronavirus. Now we needed the money to begin testing it in humans. We tried like heck to see if we could get investors or grants to move this into the clinic. But we just could not generate much interest."

Then a vaccine inventors dream occurred and COVID was unleashed onto the world. Hotez was flushed with cash grants pouring in from all over and had willing human testing subjects which Hotez didn’t have to pay to be part of his vaccine testing trials. His Corbevax vaccine also bypassed normal testing protocols no thanks to the EUA guidelines being lifted, and 100s of millions of his vaccine has been shipped off to 3rd world countries. You could say, Covid has been a gift from Hotez’s science gods and possibly through the NIAD grant to the Wuhan institute of Virology…

More to follow.

Another interesting tid bit of infotrmation, Hotez is on the “Covid 19 Lancet Task Force” which is tasked with finding the origins of COVID. SO, the guy who applied for and received a grant for GOF research ended up on the task force to find the origins? Seems like Hotez was helping control the information, and possibly steer investigations…

Side note: the Corbevax vaccine still has not turned over its data from the drug trials in India.