Harris County is a War Zone

The Democrats have made Houston a war zone.

-400 murders

-1,137 Rapes

-8,757 Robberies

-19,180 Assaults

Crime rate up132%

Violent crime 224%

Enough is enough

Link: https://areavibes.com/houston-tx/crime/

Pair this amount of crime with a 135,000 criminal backlog, and things are only going to get MUCH worse for us. Hidalgo will claim that they haven’t defunded the police. Though, pair the 6% increase to the 223% increase of crime and the funding just doesn’t fit the needs of law enforcement. Nor does this cover cost of living and cost of supplies increases for our police.

The cost break down to a 30-year high inflation per precinct just does not fit the bill. Only way the county will get us out of this mess is by slashing all their socialist programs and throw the entire kitchen sink at the court backlog problem. The county can use the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds because COVID attributed to the court backlogs.