Toy Gun Buyback Program

Mayor Turner’s new initiative “One Safe Houston" gun buyback program launched over the weekend, only it didn’t exactly achieve the results which were planned by Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Mayor Turner… The outcome yielded what most would call ‘the most expensive toy gun drive.’ Commissioner Ellis proclaimed that the successful program “took over 840 guns off from the streets” though, by the photos, it appears the Houston hustlers got the best of the two politicians by turning in TONS of 3D printed guns.

It also was brought to the publics attention that this program was not ran by our District Attorneys Office for the OK. In which Harris County DA Ogg was rightfully displeased about Commissioner Ellis and Mayor Turner going behind her back with the program, due to the safety concerns regarding the anonymous purchasing process. In the letter, DA Ogg listed out the legalities of the city buying back guns in a anonymous manner. As most know, Houston has countless unsolved gun crimes at the moment, and with an anonymous program, you can see how this would impede solving countless murders and crimes. You can read further about the problems with this program in the letter addressed to Commissioner Ellis and Mayor Turner from District Attorney Ogg:

Why is our Mayor and Commissioner side-stepping our District Attorney’s office? The optics look real bad here folks. It’s evident the relationships in our local government are in shambles, and with poor intergovernmental relationships comes poor leadership.

The biggest takeaway here, is how many criminal investigations will this buyback program impede?

Even worse, you didn’t even need to be an American citizen to turn the guns in.